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Basically, if you're attached to a relationship because it fulfills a need (i.e.a need to get married), you'll be more focused on reaching an end goal rather than building a deep and meaningful connection with your chosen partner."An emotional connection is a bond between two people that's deeply rooted," relationship coach Jenna Ponaman, CPC, ELI-MP, tells Bustle."It's a mutual understanding and empathy of one another’s feelings, that allow each individual to create a deep appreciation, affection, and intimacy with one another." Attachment, on the other hand, feels a little more like infatuation.From the initial match, you already know that the person found you attractive. From there on out, it’s up to you to start and continue a conversation.If all goes well and you get a phone number, you know that they find you attractive, interesting, and worth-while for a date. Do you have any recommendations for other people entering the world of online dating? Pictures are extremely important so make sure they’re flattering and hopefully also showcase the highlights of your interests.With dating apps, at least everyone is on the same page. And out of your relationships, how many have been the result of a dating app? I was engaged to a girl I met organically in college through mutual friends.

"Partners with an emotional connection can then experience attachment to one another, but someone that develops an attachment first will struggle to find an emotional connection if at all," she says.If you like to snowboard, make sure your photos reflect that. Other than that, have reasonable expectations and jump in with an open mind.You might not meet your perfect girl or guy — dating is an unpredictable journey, so don’t take everything too seriously and enjoy the ride.I believe that in an organic environment like this coffee shop, you can get past this base filter and create chemistry with pieces that can’t be put on paper, like your charm or your wittiness. Also like I mentioned previously, online dating really keeps it focused on the superficial details and physical looks are everything.I think if you’re confident enough in person, you can potentially skip the line to a date. Also, since everyone is dating in the same big pool of people, the competition can be really high.

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