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By July, Wade's range of motion in that shoulder had improved significantly, but he admitted he wanted to take things slowly in hopes next season went more smoothly. By the end of January, he'd missed nine of the Heat's 21 games.

It Didn't—2008 As it became clear just how severe Wade's shoulder injury had been in 2007, some wondered why Wade bothered coming back soon as he had. In addition to a strained calf and a bruised left foot that kept him out of three games, Wade suffered a sprained right ankle that put the cherry on top of his early struggles (via ESPN's Michael Wallace): Wade told reporters in Denver that he had never experienced pain from a sprain as severely as what he felt Friday.

A bone bruise in his right knee, tendinitis and a handful of other nagging bumps and bruises followed Dwyane Wade into the 2013 playoffs, threatening to derail Miami's attempt to win its second-straight title.

If he has anything to say about it this summer, next time will be different.

He went on to struggle initially, making just 2-of-13 field-goal attempts in Game 3 and turning the ball over five times.

From there, however, Wade exploded for totals of 30, 28 and 41 points in the series' final three games—all Miami victories.

Now, it is rumored that Union is pregnant with Wade’s child, and due in the summer.Despite having also incurred a torn labrum, Wade opted to pursue rehabilitation rather than season-ending surgery.At the time, Wade sought solace from a guy who'd confronted a similar scenario (via CBS Sports Line.com): Wade said he has received encouragement from teammate Eddie Jones, who missed 15 games with a dislocated left shoulder and torn labrum in March 2001.Jones returned late in the regular season and played in three playoff games. He's a tough guy."It could have been easy for me just to shut it down"—per the Associated Press—and intimated he wasn't entirely certain how effective he'd be after returning.Jones talked to Wade last week about what to expect during the rehab process."You're going to get a workout, a big-time workout," Jones said. Pat Riley later revealed the injury was so extreme that it caused nerve damage.

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