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I mean, look at her," Pink laughed to in 2017, "I feel like people are just less inclined to be labelled now, which I really like. "They were kissing passionately and looked to be really into it and having a lot of fun. I remember seeing Perez Hilton flitting about this club and acting as though he had just invented homosexuality.All of a sudden I thought, I can outgay this guy right now. I really think it went on too long." Hilton has proclaimed that Mayer is "definitely bi" and talked about the musicians alleged fondness for watching gay films (that aren't suitable for work).Shimizu even claimed Madge used her as a "sex slave." , to having a two-week affair with a transgender man. My best friend for instance, knew I was f**king a dude, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that," Pryor wrote.

From pop star Pink to actress Cameron Diaz, the stars on this list have discussed, alluded to, or been identified by others as one half of a same-sex relationship.

The former Disney darling told "Honestly, I loved it. Especially because they weren't talking about other people in my life for once, which was wonderful," she said.

"Honestly, though, [Delevingne is] incredible and very open and she just makes me open.

These stars, whether publicly or privately, have all at least dabbled in a same-sex relationship at some point, even though some of these celebs are nothing short of heartthrobs to the opposite sex.

Some stars think their same-sex flings were a phase. Others identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, or whatever else they feel is appropriate for them.

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"She kissed me and she tried to dominate me," Pink said, "and I will not be dominated by anyone." Though their hookup was brief, Pink only has kind things to say about the blond bombshell. I don't need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am, 'cause I don't know yet. To be quite frank, it's rude." Even angels can get naughty together sometimes … Bella Hadid (pictured right) has a high-profile relationship with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, The Weeknd, but according to magazine party in London in 2015. "The only man I've kissed is Perez Hilton," Mayer told ).

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