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It's time for a an instant cultural milestone, the movie that sparked an entire generation’s sexual awakening, and taught us about death and grief along the way.

My brother and I wore our VHS copy out from the sheer number of Saturday morning viewings.

stands as a powerful childhood introduction to the complex realities of death, and the need to let go of loved ones — even if, to echo those swoon-worthy four words, we keep their memories with us forever.

One of the producers of the hit 1995 film, Jennifer Todd, revealed at the film’s 20th anniversary screening in Santa Monica on Friday that Birch, Ricci, Ashleigh Aston Moore and Gaby Hoffman had somewhat of a bet as to who would “get with” Sawa while they were filming the movie, reports. Todd noted that she got out in front of the other girls and they “weren’t happy about it.” While Sawa politely replied “no comment” to the question, he did say that he “was the only 15-year-old boy with the cast of the hottest young girls in town, so it was a lot of fun.” Birch went on to reveal that the movie’s squadron of four leading ladies were close, as they “were really good at fighting” with one another.

Indeed, long live Moriarty as the cackling, vocal fried Carrigan!

Everything about her that scared me in childhood is now deeply aspirational — her penchant for black, her inability to empathize with others, her refusal to take shit from anyone, her room service order of a pint of Rum Raisin ice cream and a Coke for dinner — and her chemistry with Idle makes for great comic relief.

At a 20th anniversary screening at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, Calif. 16, producers Suzanne and Jennifer Todd, writer Marlene King (who now runs a little show you may have heard of: ), stars Thora Birch (Teeny! ) revealed juicy behind-the-scenes secrets that will have fans of the iconic film knocking three times on the ceiling. News was on the scene and compiled 16 of the facts you absolutely have to know, including which of the girls hooked up with Sawa and the role Leonardo Di Caprio almost played...

sitting in your collection of all-time fave videotapes (if you haven’t seen it, you NEED to) and if you were into boys, I'd be willing to bet you were swooning over Devon Sawa in both of these films. Ever wondered where your former dream man (well, boy…) went and what he looks like today? For that reason, we went digging and found him for ya.

Sawa, now 39, is still an actor, starring in productions like in 2000 and then moving into mostly smaller television roles.

As one of the first mainstream movies to essentially feature computer animation as main character alongside human actors (along with 1991’s ), it acted as a precursor to the modern age of CGI-dominated blockbusters.

Watching it once more from the perspective of someone who just spent two hours watching a live action reboot of CGI lions singing, the acting doesn’t seem that stilted.

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Rosanna Norton’s costume design, Leslie Dilley’s production design, and Rosemary Brandenberg’s set decoration all deserve praise for creating a creepy but deeply elegant atmosphere, full of cozy sweaters, moth-eaten lace, festooned turrets, and But what’s most clear upon rewatching is that while the movie is named for Casper, this is Ricci’s movie.

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