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We now have support for double-byte characters in the file path.* Text does not get clipped at the edge of the window when switching views or applying page styles.In general, AMIS will read DAISY 2.02 books with a bit of support for DAISY 3. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have questions. Alfred Morgan DISCLAIMER: De informatie verzonden met dit e-mail bericht is uitsluitend bestemd voor de geadresseerde.Best regards, Marisa De Meglio DAISY for All Project Feb 20, 2008, at AM, almorganjr wrote: Will the software work with jaws? Indien u niet de beoogde geadresseerde bent, verzoeken wij u vriendelijk dit aan de afzender te melden (of via: [email protected]) en het origineel en eventuele kopieën te verwijderen.Thanks Marisa On May 31, 2008, at AM, Anders Holmberg wrote: Hello! -----Ursprungligt meddelande----- Från: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] För Marisa De Meglio Skickat: den 24 mars 2008 Till: AMIS end-user list; AMIS development list Ämne: [Amis-users] AMIS 3 beta testers needed Hi everyone, We're looking for beta testers for AMIS 3. As a beta tester, we will be asking you to examine our existing features and let us know if something doesn't work or is confusing, and then submit a recipe of how to reproduce the behavior.

The old language packs haven't been upgraded for 3.0 yet, so if you're using a beta, it won't work.Thank you and best regards, The AMIS Team Hi, Please join me y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Ojtk LC4d Lhl Nn Y2N3nr9z N1Ojcn Nr T2u XO2d Xf1sj Zl9z M2OOW6c He2MXO4cr S3s XY2NDhj7v Mwu Lnke XGyubf4e Tey MK00Nv Izd Ghzu Pc7offl Oe R5cr X4J2o1 Lih PKbnpeckq Ojoa Ck Mohammadwaseem Khan has invited you to Desktopdating Hi, I have just joined the Desktopdating network. See you at Desktopdating Mohammadwaseem Khan To accept the invitation copy the link given below and paste it in the address bar of your browser download Please look at the notes that come with the scripts to see how to use them.I believe you can read text-only books if you use the Jaws scripts.

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