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"Pink can be masculine, different," he says of the colour.And its use in everything from bedrooms to furniture showrooms is case in point."I did white walls and colour on the ceiling, and I loved the way it looked," she says. The designer has waxed poetic numerous times about Tissue Pink, the Benjamin Moore hue he uses in nearly every project.To him, it's perfect proof that you should look beyond a colour's reputation.Personal decorating style: Eclectic yet classic, with some Hollywood glamour.I like to mix traditional pieces with more modern flair—especially by adding some great texture, fabric and color to the space. I transformed a cinder-block space into a lap of luxury. My husband and I collected most of them while we were traveling. I tell my clients all the time to live outside the box.One of Mc Donald's most famous rooms proves that scale is all relative."I super scaled this floor so that it's really big, and it was very frightening for the client," Mc Donald recalls of one project with an oversized, black-and-white patterned floor that stretched from an entryway all the way to the back of a house.

If your odd-looking footstool or wildly-coloured pillow is handcrafted, it boasts a story (and a quality) that balances its bizarreness. Kasler points out that just because something is common doesn't mean it's the way it has to be.Once Whalen saw how she could transform the grand 7,000-square-foot Bryn Mawr home room by room, she was hooked.“I love creating beauty and practicality for people,” she says.Take it from Kasler (designer of the jaw-dropping vanity space above), who says, "what’s happening right now in design is you can kind of be anything you want to be." Plus, she points out, "with the sharing culture, you can always find a place for it." If you're hesitant about breaking too many rules in the structural or larger elements of your home, start small: "I start with the more traditional plan, or the envelope, but then I bring things in that bring the different-ness," Kasler says."Once you have that foundation, you’re more free to experiment." A few unexpected accessories can make a big difference.

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After all, the best creative endeavors usually come from editorial director Jo Saltz sat down with design legends Suzanne Kasler, Thomas O'Brien, and Mary Mc Donald for a talk tellingly titled "Rules are Meant to be Broken." Don't believe us?

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