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This is especially significant when archaeologists have no other dating information.This method assumes that artifact styles change over time, but that the changes are gradual.For example, imagine that there a number of different sites in an excavation area.Each site contains evidence of different artifact styles (such as pottery of different styles).

Dendrochronology can determine absolute and relative dates of wood, its origin, and what climates were like in the past.Voyage into Archaeology Links, articles, and other beginner's resources in archaeology, including a simulation game called "Be a Time Detective." Glossary of Archaeological Terms What is chert? For example, the arrival of sophisticated carbon-14 dating methods in the 1940s caused scientists to revise their interpretation of events in Europe in prehistoric times. Accurate dating is important for putting events and objects in sequence.Obsidian absorbs water at a known rate, which makes obsidian hydration dating a reliable method.By viewing obsidian under a microscope, scientists can measure what is called a hydration rim, a layer under the surface of the obsidian that shows exactly how much water has been absorbed.

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