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She runs the theatrical production company De Lou Rue Presents, creating and performing in popular holiday revue shows Freedom Fantasia and Homo for the Holidays, with burlesque duo Kitten La Rue and Lou Henry Hoover, her friends and frequent collaborators.

De La is the only Drag Race contestant so far to win five challenges in a single season, win four episodes consecutively and to win the "Snatch Game" challenge on more than one season.

The new instalment saw four teams of three pastry chefs tasked with making 36 identical moka au cafe slices and 36 napoleons.

They were then asked to create a showstopper which was inspired by the peach melba as they battled to stay in the competition.

Judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin dished out a heavy dose of criticism and awarded very low scores in the first two rounds of the series. Bring back @Chef Tom Kerridge #GBBOCreme."While another added: "Why have they dredged Angus Deayton back up for #GBBOCreme?

But, it wasn't just the teams who were judged, host Angus was also criticised on social media by those who were saddened to see Tom had been replaced. His poor attempts at sarcasm add nothing to the program."Missing @Chef Tom Kerridge #GBBOCreme!!

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