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He is also active on several social networking sites.

Declan Donnelly is a renowned British entertainer with a natural talent in front of the camera.

Cuthberts High School, an academy status for boys, and left with General Certificate Secondary Education (GCSE).

Declans parents are Irish descent, origin from Desertmartin, County Londonderry, Ireland.Around 1987, his father saw an advertisement on local newspaper claiming that they are in search of young actor to host a Children's TV show in Newcastle. At first, he was not willing to perform but later he rang the producer and prayed for audition.It was his luck that he auditioned was successful and was on the show called Byker Grove and this was the time he first met Anthony Mc Partlin. The show is about putting different celebrities in the middle of Australia's jungle and the participant have to compete each other and win the show.Declan Donnelly, also known as Duncan, is a television presenter and actor.He is well-known for Ant & Dec longside his best man Anthony Mc Partlin, they are also famous for hosting a popular show called Britain's Got Talent.

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