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Not including protective cases also helps the process. The more the hardware is exposed to it, the faster it degrades.An example of planned obsolescence in product design is the placement of heat-sensitive capacitors in the hottest area on a circuit board, next to the heat sink.Customers stormed the stores when the i Phone 3G came out: It had all that! The digital wine thermometer I bought my father for Christmas has a built-in battery that can’t be replaced.But the poor 2 megapixel camera resolution remained the same. More than 200 new features make a strong argument for an upgrade. According to the manual, the battery is good for about 2000 hours.

Very often, when putting a new gadget on the market, commonly available features are being deliberately omitted.Over time, scratches appear, colors fade, abrasions occur, plating falls off… The customer will replace his old and shabby gadgets sooner than those which look good.Therefore producers try to design electronic gadgets in a way that they look brand new for a short time only—the first scratch appears very soon.The consumer electronics market changes tremendously fast.New gadgets are introduced every week and the producers need to make sure their customers buy them accordingly.

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