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Enryk V'in idm ; with Remarks on the Systematic Position of the Group. A Revision of the Pishes of the Family Gakudk Uv, (Plates X. ^ OF THE GENERAL MEETINGS FOR SCIENTIFIC BUSINESS OF THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. II (MAY^UECEMBER.) PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY, AND SOLD AT THEIR HOUSE IN HANOYER-SQUARE. LIST OF THE COUNCIL AND OFFICERS OF THE ZOOLOfll OAI SOCIETY OF LONDON. S., Superintendent of the Gardens, Charles Gabriel Seliomann, Esq., M.

Distributimi, A skin (skull very incomplete) from Foo-chow (Swinhoe leg. Remarks on the supposed Clavicle of the Sauropodous Dinosaur Dwlodocus. Rej Kwt on the Additions to the Soi^iety’s Menagerie during ilio months of June, July, August, September, and Octobei* 1905 295 Col. TCxbibition of microscopic pre- parations of a ricw Ibemosporidian {Halterklmm cru Dieni'H'iii) 297 T)r. Exliibition of lantern- slides illustrating tli(‘ Papillary Ridges in Mammals 297 Dr.

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Exhibition of a specimen of the Spanish Tarantula 3 Ml*.

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