Dating topography of the sierra nevada

To explore this possibility, we quantified how bedrock strength, mineralogy and bulk chemistry vary among the granitic rock types exposed at our sites.

Considered together, our data and analysis contribute to improved understanding of the dynamics of hybrid (bedrock/soil) landscapes by shedding light on feedbacks among erosion, rock strength, mineralogy and degree of chemical weathering in granitic terrain.

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Instead, we observe a mix-and-match of soil and bare rock on gently sloped treads and steeply sloped steps.

This raises the possibility that exposure of bedrock arises from contrasts in material properties rather than from random erosional exposure, as suggested by the hypothesis.

The largest lake is Pyramid, with an area of 188 sq mi (487 sq km), in the west.

Nevada shares Lake Tahoe with California, and Lake Mead, created by Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, with Arizona.

Our data and analysis further corroborate the hypothesis with indications that bare granitic rocks erode much more slowly than their soil-mantled counterparts.These ranges generally trend north–south; most are short, up to 75 mi (121 km) long and 15 mi (24 km) wide, and rise to altitudes of 7,000–10,000 ft (2,100–3,000m).Chief among them are the Schell Creek, Ruby, Toiyabe, and Carson (within the Sierra Nevada).This beautiful and detailed, full-color map covers the Sierra Nevada Range from Lassen National Park in the north to Tehachapi Pass in the south.It shows rivers and lakes, major creeks, trails, roads, wilderness areas, national forests, national parks, campgrounds, towns, and more, with extensive elevations shown for peaks, passes, lakes, cities and towns.

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The Sierra de Almijara is a mountain range in the provinces of Granada in southern Spain.

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