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The following Saturday night around 7 pm I finally heard from him.He texted about his move and eventually got around to seeing if I was free.Earlier this month I happened to match with three very different guys on Bumble.I wasn’t hedging my bets as much as trying to cooperate with the capricious online dating gods.I think we even sent a couple of follow-up texts the next day. What happened with these three guys feels like the perfect example of this lesson.It’s been two weeks and I haven’t heard another word from him. Of course it’s disappointing to be back at square one (aka Level 2), but I know that my actions had very little (heck, maybe even nothing) to do with why these three guys disappeared. Bonnie was off the dating market from 1998 (when she met her now ex-husband) till early 2014.He also shared that he was wiped out from the move and relieved to postpone meeting me until he wasn’t so tired.We casually batted around seeing each other when his schedule settled down.

Bonnie of 2018 is just over being a last minute, throw away idea.I had bought a ticket to see a movie and told him I was heading out the door.I did not call him any names, lay into him for ignoring me all week, or give him a hard time in any way.This way you slowly but surely integrate yourself into the girl's life, and by ENDING THE CALLS YOURSELF instead of waiting for conversation to dry out, you eliminate any signs of desperation. You don't have to ask her on a date on your first call, you know!If you wait 3 days, you may have lost emotional momentum and it may be harder for her to recall the attraction she felt, depending on how well you did when you first met! Just tell her something cool happened, chat briefly, then say you've gotta go and will talk later. The three day rule is supposed to work on everyone. Then on your next call in the next few days, invite her along somewhere if you want.

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