Dating someone you find unattractive

People like who they like, and I have no interest in telling them to go find someone better looking.I am dating someone who is balding a bit but otherwise has a great body and I'm attracted to him.

In short, they do everything to help them be more attractive.

I am a pretty gorgeous lady in my opinion, and I attract lots of men pretty regularly. Everyone made it a big deal about how ugly he was and how I was "too good [looking]" for him. Who the hell cares what OTHER people think who's too good for who?!!!

No one has ever told me to go find a guy who is better looking (well, the only people who have hinted at this are guys who have ulterior motives). Date, date, date, I don't think anyone should have to settle. They're not in the relationship and they don't understand the connection you have.

Women who speak rudely and display a negative character is on the top list of what men find unattractive in women.

They do not like women who live complaining and lamenting the life they have.

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