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It's easy to get swept up into a relationship with Aries at first, because they skip the small talk and treat you like a princess from the get-go.But soon, their flaky nature and over-the-top enthusiasm will bug you. Even if this match starts out beautifully, it's not built to last.This relationship is picture-perfect on Instagram (think adorable dinner dates, movie marathons, and mini-vacays) and equally satisfying IRL.

You both are intuitive and protective, which makes you incredible partners for each other.

You'd find Cancer suffocating, they'd find you too flaky, and eventually, you'd both be fed up.

Commitment and stability are top priority for both Taurus and Virgo, which means you'll never leave the other hanging.

Other signs can be too clingy for you, but an Aquarius instinctively knows that your relationship benefits from some time spent doing your own thang.

If there was ever an It Couple, it was a dynamic Gemini/Sagittarius duo.

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" "Oh, whatever you want to do." "No, whatever You have polar opposite outlooks on the world (you're all about fiery passion; they're cool and level-headed), but once you click, you get along better than anyone else.

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  1. If at the slightest sign of a disagreement the person you’re dating runs to bawl or vent on the shoulder of their go-to emotional support, that’s a sign they’re not willing to stand on their own two feet.

  2. Somehow, Sal even managed to convince the club owner to settle up with him at the end of the night for everyone's pay and, in the process of dividing up the cash, he shorted Shuli Egar 50 percent of what he was owed."The whole show was a nightmare for me," Shuli, a veteran standup comedian in his own right, told Howard.