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Both friends will give you useless items that you’ll never use at any point in the game and Brett will still proclaim his love for Becky even when he attempts to hook up with almost every other woman in the game.Yes, he sets the love of his life up with some model scout for an easy job then goes around playing matchmaker for himself and other characters.The bonus scenes for Brett have you collecting women’s underwear, remembering friends’ names in the worst memory game ever, and play the lamest truth or dare game ever.Becky’s storyline is a little different because even though you can chose between being a model or being a waitress, Brett is the only person she can wind up with and you to make it even weirder, you can chose from BFF ending or Romantic ending.In one of the earlier scenes Becky meets the modeling scout Elliot, who you can cry to about life to and become a model for or try to be friendly to and wind up as a waitress.Either career path you choose will net you a different work scene.Basically in Becky’s storyline she has recently broken up with her incredibly ugly boyfriend of two years, Sean, and has come to the ski resort with friends Brett, Kiki the skank, and Erica the shy girl.Of course Becky’s obnoxious ex Sean decides to come along too, making Becky have to repeatedly tell him off throughout her storyline.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.I thought it was the dumbest thing I ever saw but then it dawned on me; what if this game was supposed to be a parody of adventure games and dating sims?It could explain all of the weird items the characters collect but can never use on anything, the scenes that are incredibly pointless littered all over both storylines, and the fact that it’s offered up as a dating sim but fails you if you attempt to deviate from the game’s basically that of a bad soap opera; you play as either the boy, Brett, or the girl, Becky, on a trip to a ski resort for an unknown amount of time with a group of friends to find love or get laid.Depending on which character you choose to play as, you’ll be faced with an alternate storyline and ending.

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Then of course, at the end of the storyline you go through this long series of scenes involving Brett disappearing and you have to find him and for some reason you have to tell off multiple people in order to do so. Becky has bonus missions as well which mostly involve either kissing all the guys, insulting other people, or saying better lines than them for useless items to add to your collection.

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