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And finally do your best to make sure that you make them give themselves the occasional day off from stressing about it. This is the bottomline regardless of their motivations and it’s definitely a red flag.Your partner’s motivations behind this manipulative behavior should determine your response.It’s possible, however, that your partner is more upset by the uncertain future that your work might be creating in their head.If you don’t already live together, maybe they’re wondering how that’d look with your job.I had no interest in seeing him, but I still had trouble figuring out how to communicate, definitively, that I’m not interested.And, it bears reminding—we had only been on two dates to this point.If you can have a discussion about these things and come to an agreement about what an acceptable future might look like for both of you, you might find that this behavior subsides. This article was originally published by GREY Journal.

She can’t control what this person does, but she can control what she does.

It’s not just me who has trouble with low-stakes cord-cutting.

On a small-scale personal note, nearly all the single people I polled about this had experienced similar situations. Why is it so difficult to do this seemingly simple thing?

Be encouraging to their endeavors without micromanaging or trying to steer them toward something.

Be optimistic for the opportunities that arise without adding too much extra pressure.

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Undergoing two, three, or sometimes more interviews for a position only to have it offered to someone else can make even the most optimistic among us into a cynic. Remind the person in your life that they are contributing something of value.

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