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However it was John and Debbie's daughter who caught most of my attention when she arrived the following day after they moved in.

Cindy was just a couple of months past her eighteenth birthday and was an incredibly sexy yet innocent looking girl.

She had her back to me so I paused for a moment to watch her.

She was slightly bent forward over my table with her long, glistening blonde hair cascading from her head.

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I noticed that she had painted her fingernails a bright red. Then they can come back later and get you." I went into the hall and found John's mobile number and gave him a call.

I explained what had happened, and that I didn't know why Cindy had left early, but that I could look after Cindy until they came home later.

This all changed three months after the Russells had moved in.

It was about 8pm and I was just finishing up some work I had brought home when my doorbell rang.

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