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Nostalgia for the 1980s is so rampant that even people who weren’t alive during the glorious decade like to celebrate it as if they were.

Teens today will even put on tracksuits and Kangol hats and boogie out to the likes of LL Cool J.

When it came to financial security and fashion in the ’80s, the kangaroo was everybody’s role model. And yet, it’s hard not to love an accessory that makes things more accessible When MTV premiered in 1981, it offered 24 hours of nonstop videos. In this world before You Tube, you were helpless to MTV’s line-up and would often end up waiting hours just for your favorite three-minute Men Without Hats video. When the two-and-a-half-hour “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” episode aired on February 28, 1983, more than 100 million viewers tuned in, making it the most-watched program in television history at the time.

(It was only beaten in 2010 by the Super Bowl.) Whether you religiously watched all 11 seasons of From leg warmers to oversized tops to Members Only jackets, anything you wore in the ’80s had to be so bright and vibrant that your outfit became its own light source.

When prices dropped to a far more reasonable 0 to 0, suddenly every household had their own VCR.

The only question was, did you want a VHS or a Betamax?

The wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana in the summer of 1981 was more than just the spectacle of wealthy monarchs getting hitched.However, those of us who witnessed the ’80s firsthand aren’t just sentimental for that bygone era. Keep reading to discover 50 things that any true child of the ’80s won’t just remember, but probably still thinks about on a regular basis.All those cultural cliches that people try to emulate? You can take the kid out of the ’80s, but the ’80s will always persevere.At the time, some 750 million people across the globe watched what was widely described as a fairytale wedding, one that influenced nuptials for years to come.Even the biggest cynics couldn’t help but get butterflies in their stomach after watching those royal lovebirds finally say “I do.” It’s still a mystery why the Coca-Cola Company thought it was a good idea to ditch its tried-and-true recipe in favor of what was essentially a watered-down Pepsi.

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However, there was a glimmer of hope when people learned that Dawn, the dishwashing detergent, was effective at cleaning the oil off of birds and sea turtles. He was the perfect poster child for kids who wanted to misbehave without doing anything technically illegal.

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