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The violence and wars of the Middle Ages were tempered by the Rules of Medieval Courtly Love.

The following rules and elements of Medieval Courtly Love during the Medieval times of the Middle Ages were written by the 12th Century Frenchman, Andreas Capellanus: The ideals of Medieval Courtly Love was publicised in the poems, ballads, writings and literary works of various authors of the Middle Ages.

Lily Heise is a Paris-based writer, originally hailing from Canada.

She certainly had a lot of possible suitors to pick from. There was no need for IVF or other expensive fertility treatments.The tower is also well-worth a visit after the exhibit.It helps visualize the stranded maiden being rescued and whisked off by prince charming.A successful marriage was perceived as one that brought material advantages to the participants and their families.As love was clearly unrelated to marriage the requirement for romance could be gained outside marriage - as long as the rules relating to chastity and fidelity were strictly adhered to.

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