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Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple President, Sruti­dharma das, had the following to say: “It’s very inspiring that our new team will help devotees in making this very important decision, in educating them after they are married, and counselling them whenever challenges arise.This is a great offering for the 50th anniversary celebration to Srila Prabhupada.” Krishna Marriage Team members are currently based in Watford and London.If being a Hindu we beleive Sadashiv or Maha Vishnu created this universe, then how can you say Christians or Muslims who are inside his universe do not worship him.We call that creative force by names such as Sadashiv or Maha Vishnu.Therefore it is truly inspiring to see that the Krishna Marriage Team has come together and now launch this tremendous marriage networking facility.” For further information about the service and team, as well as access to helpful resources for devotees changing ashram, please visit IN THE NEWS Dressing up for Diwali: BBC Leicester Dressing up for Diwali: BBC Leicester Kiran runs a saree shop in Leicester and Chaitanya is a devotee of Hare Krishna.Please listen in to the clip from BBC Leicester as part of Radio 2’s Faith in the World Week.

Everyone who registers will get to choose either their own personal matchmaker, who will suggest possible matches for them, or a team of administrators who will share multiple profiles that they can choose from.I do not want to be a hypocrite to myself and to him.Now, my questions are as follows :1) Does he have a chance to become a devotee? I pay my humble obeisances to all the prabhus and matajis to guide me in this issue I am entangled in. I live in-campus with the other students in a hostel. Both of us were very close friends in the beginning. I am studying in a college far away from any ISKCON centres. The thing is my affection onto this boy slowly turned into love.

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