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Its interesting to note that neither one of them is American (she is Chilean - and telling him it is customary to accept her requests and to always pay for both of them even if he is a guest.I dont know his nationality, but it is neither 'American" nor Chilean.), or amazingly wealthier than the other, but they both live here.Even so, he sounds too passive, which to me, sounds like hes american.Its this kind of stuff that causes americans to get in trouble down here.

If not, LA will chew you up and spit you out....wont last if you dont learn some street smarts and how to be a bit more assertive down here.From what I have read, Chileans are very hospitable and generous people, and if I ever visit Chile, I can be expected - if I get to know anyone and make some friends while Im there - to be invited to someone's house or a restaurant for dinner.As a guest, I should send flowers to the host, but avoiding yellow, purple or black flowers.So chocolate or a bottle of nice Chilean wine is nice, if its a serious date, or, if you have been invited to meet the family.Buying a flower of ANY kind for a Chilean women will be an automatic sign that you are in love with her and interpreted that the relationship is VERY serious.

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