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Prior to going freelance, Karina worked for a university, a bookstore, an IT consulting firm, and a recruitment agency, and published short stories, including the Nebula Award nominated “An End to All Things.” Though she still thinks of Toronto as her home, Karina now lives in a small, lakefront community in rural Ontario, Canada, where she may be found experimenting with strange foods, dancing in the kitchen, and making things from sparkly beads.Kat Ellis is a young adult writer from North Wales.

After participating in countless writing contests as a querying writer, she is ridiculously excited to be giving back and helping out on the other side of things!My YA debut, INVINCIBLE WILD, is slated for fall 2015 release from Egmont USA.Jessica Leake is author of ARCANA (Skyhorse/Talos, October 2014), her debut historical fantasy with a heavy dose of romance.She’s also a coffee addict, voracious reader, and recurring commuter.She blogs about all those things and more at Marcy, and can often be found on Twitter (@marcykate).

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