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You were perfect in Shavonte's eyes- you cooked, cleaned, pampered her, and showed up to every game. She hadn't even realized she started crying until you wiped a tear away.

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You chuckled, loving how you could make your 'butch' girlfriend blush.

If she does disclose a contact, she may be told that the relationship has been “denied” and that she must terminate it. Fortunately for agents raised on Bond flicks, the CIA does not require employees to report one-night stands.

, which opens Friday, Angelina Jolie stars as a disgraced CIA agent who must at one point rescue her kidnapped German husband from Russian spies. citizens, but their spouses need not be, at least at the time of their hiring. However, marriages to foreign nationals are allowed so long as the spouse agrees to become a naturalized U. citizen within five years and clears all necessary security checks.

Meanwhile, in the pilot episode of the TV series Covert Affairs, a rookie CIA agent is told that she should not date foreign nationals. The agency’s career Web site does stipulate that if you’d like to become a spyfor the National Clandestine Service—that’s the CIA’s covert-operations branch—then both you and your spouse must be U. Given the international nature of the CIA’s clandestine work and the age range of its operatives (applicants must be under the age of 35), it’s not uncommon for agents to become romantically involved with foreigners.

" She jumped, dropping the file she was holding and turned to face you, not making eye contact. You were completely straight face and she found your usually soft brown eyes intense and darker. It was simple in design but when she had seen the real diamonds and the bright green Peridot it in the middle, she had a feeling it was expensive.

Shavonte I know you have been curious about what I do for a living especially after I bought you that ring." Shavonte looked at the promise ring you bought her.

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