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He is depicted as an irritable man with big, bushy eyebrows drawn with five lines.While before he was a zealous privateer, he is now a cynical and sharp-tongued gentleman some of his notable character traits include his terrible cooking skills, inability to hold his liquor, foul mouth, ability to see supernatural creatures, and in ability to perform magic curses on his enemies.Meanwhile, the Axis Powers are still deserted on an island, but come across a most unusual sight in the middle of a forest.Meanwhile, as Liechtenstein and Her Beloved Brother arc comes to a close, Switzerland finds himself reminded of his lapsed friendship with Austria.Grimace at his impoliteness and walk away Call him a lazy American before walking off, deciding to ask someone else. But it fails, and he ends up with someone even worse: It's just another day in the life of Germany, as he attempts to brave the wait and chaos in a never-ending line at the supermarket.

In one strip he notes that he has an older brother named Scotland.In the series, he was found by France and England at first before France left him in England's care after America chose the latter over the former, then later grows distant from him which eventually leads to him fighting for his independence.America is very similar in appearance to his brother, Canada, who is often mistaken for America.Later, England uses Busby's Chair to get revenge on America during an Allied summit, only for Russia to sit on the chair first and destroy it by out-evilling it.Athlone Mc Ginnis Athlone er en ung mand, hvis baggrund giver ham unik indsigt i sociologiske og kulturelle forandringer, der sker i dag.

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He is a brave adventurer and natural explorer, wanting to try things no one has ever done before, and he usually spends his free time either trying new foods, being around friends, or making movies and has a fascination with superheroes which he aspires to be himself.

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