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Here is another bunch of things I often think but did not know quite how to say, about how there are lots of kinds of love and connection in our life and romantic and/or sexual relationships are just one kind of human interaction, not a Whole Separate Branch of Being Alive: “People often consider romantic relationships to be in a league of their own, completely separate from platonic friendships.

But connection is connection, intimacy is intimacy, and the skills that make for healthy, happy friendships also apply to romantic and sexual relationships.

Do you really want our relationship to be about these tattoos you don’t like, or could we find a way to just be kind to each other?

Ironically, feeling like I’m “too much,” like my needs are a burden, is also a form of scarcity: it indicates that I don’t think I’m worthy of my needs being met.Stealing another person’s prescription medication is illegal and wrong. It’s bad for them – your parents have that prescription for a reason, and if you’re stealing their pills they aren’t getting the medication they need. ” What if you could name the things you wanted without calling yourself mean names?If you need evaluated for ADHD and to possibly be on your own medication, then ask your parents to help you do that. 12 “Hinting that you want to get invited to someone’s house.” Hinting doesn’t work.4 “Is it selfish to break up with my boyfriend bc I want to experience other people?” Breaking up before the “experiencing other people” part might be the best order of operations if that’s what you want to do.

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If she won’t tell you why she’s mad, give her a wide berth. 8 “How to tell friends you can’t afford to go out for expensive dinners.” More here and here.

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