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At the very least, you need a good positive male friend to have serious conversations with about normal healthy relationships between couples.I know what I am talking about, because this is not the first time I spoke to a woman about this exact situation and it will not be the last.That’s why tell single mother’s its so important to not deal with clowns your daughter will repeat the behavior and end up being mistreated. The guy you chose has character issues that didn’t come from being a trucker. If he wasn’t a trucker he would still be a poor excuse for a man.#3. Supposed your new companion listens to someone’s advice who says never get involved with a woman with children? Just as I speak about relationships in very serious terms on several pages as well as the impact on trucking on the family .Your advice to woman should not be don’t get involved with truckers. Having said that, I do plan on doing a page totally about lot lizards if I didn’t already.You will have to face lots of issues if you think of dating a truck driver.Such problems are of very unique kinds which you can never face while dating a person of any other profession.

Thereupon, due to that fact, they are having difficulties (from time to time) with their relationship and dating with their girlfriend or their wife.Off course, there are many relationship problems while being in a relationship with a truck driver and the worst case is that you are unable to share them with your partner most of the time.When he is driving, you will probably not like to give him more stress as he is already very much stressed and when he comes back to home, he is too much tired that he prefers sleeping and talking to none.You can get a long debate from your truck driver partner about tires on the truck, the tires on the trailer, air pressure, airbags, wipers, cracked windshield, brakes that aren’t good enough and many other problems.Truck drivers travel to the far off places and they are least interested in events like parties, dinner etc. So, if you are planning for hangout with them to anywhere, then most probably they will not like to go with you as they are not willing to go there at any cost.

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