Dating a guy who is not divorced

When I told the woman he wasn’t divorced yet, she said “absolutely not.I don’t even want to meet him.” The guy eventually got divorced.I also went on a date with a really cool girl and had a great time.

A few years ago, I tried to set up a guy who was separated but not divorced yet with a divorced woman.

I don’t have a wide network of people where I live, so I’m online.

What I’ve noticed is that no woman seems to want to touch me with a 10 foot pole because I’m ‘separated.’ My divorce is pending and will be finalized in September (it’s written better in the profile).

Even certain people who get remarried still act this way!

People often wonder about dating someone who is separated—not officially divorced. I have been separated for over a year, with young kids I have half the time.

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One woman proceeded to tell me “recently divorced people are somewhat unstable emotionally”.

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