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Perhaps it was the difference in age between the Backstreet Boys themselves and the majority of their fan base, but it was through the Backstreet Boys — who even then could not be considered “boys” — that I began to learn about heterosexual power dynamics. Now, I’m 31 and he’s 46, and here we all are at Wrigley Field in Chicago.Music video after music video offered the same advice: Depending on the assumed preference of whichever Boy you had your eye on — Kevin, Brian, Nick, Howie, or AJ — you should be a woman so cold, unfeeling, and impenetrably mysterious that you remain emotionally untouchable, or go the simpler route and be servile, sweet, monogamous, and manageable. I was unaware, at the height of my own devotion, how deviant it must have appeared for children, not teenagers, but , to pine so ardently for grown men.We can’t wait to rock our bodies right and make memories that are larger than life!A few days before the Backstreet Boys played the final date of a select-city jaunt across North America — a reprieve from their nightly Las Vegas residency — I spoke with the seminal boy band’s publicist on the phone.

This engineering of having a favorite was potentially domesticating.

In the United States, it holds the record for most shipments in one year, with 11 million in 1999.

It was nominated for five Grammy Awards and spawned four Top 40 singles, including the single "I Want It That Way".

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