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When a few of her closest friends got engaged within six months, it was a bit of a wakeup call.No, she wasn’t dying to get married just yet, but she did want to see what was out there." Contrary to some backwards beliefs, you don't have to allow your date to dominate the conversation or dictate your every move.If there's a topic you're passionate about or something you disagree with, speak up and let your personality shine through.

The results of While some people thrive in monogamous relationships, others don’t.

If they haven’t brought it up on their own, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re seeing anyone else.

“If you’re dating someone you have strong feelings for, it is wise to ask them if they’re dating anyone else,” she says.

While everyone is different, if monogamy truly isn’t for you and you’re willing to be open about that with people you’re dating, it could be worth considering an open relationship.

People are different, and it only makes sense that their approaches to dating — and how many people they want to date at one time — would be different as well.

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