Corinne bailey rae dating again

New single Closer is very sexy- even before you factor in Corinne dancing in a black bodysuit.

Her drummer in particular must be commended for adding sharp snapping rhythms to that track and throughout the show.

Their collaboration, ‘Young And Foolish’, recorded under his alias of The sti X, proved an effective showcase for Rae’s distinctive vocals.

Which is a shame because her recent songs sounded pretty perfect to MTV’s ears.While her delicate and graceful voice has drawn comparison with Billie Holiday, her ever shifting music has embraced a variety of styles ranging from jazz and soul to pop, rock and indie.She’s as admired by her fellow musicians as she is by the general public, and has lined up some of America’s most distinguished players to work on her latest album, .Her first record may have shifted four million copies, but despite its pleasantly chilled sound and Rae's admittedly fine voice, it was a struggle to find much to remember melodically on the album - even on the perkier tracks. Allen went supernova with her second album, while Sov imploded in the States and was last seen skulking around the house.Bailey Rae may have seemed worthier than a contemporary like Lily Allen, but it was clear that the latter was more fun. For Rae though, the changes have been even more elemental, with her husband Jason tragically passing away two years ago after taking an accidental overdose of methadone and alcohol.

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All of which adds up to an artistic leap that should win over at least some of those critics from first time around.

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