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If clearing the cache doesn’t solve the problem, you need to go a step ahead and clear data for the Facebook app.

Clearing data is different from clearing cache as it will log you out from the app and delete the app settings as well as the media downloaded from Facebook.

Companies somehow always seem to think they can take users' continued use of the site for granted. I would say there's sometimes an element of: Companies may hire lots of people to build their site/product - initially or over time.

They may also hire a lot of marketing/brand folk that have some input on look/feel stuff.

to do, the actual process in most companies isn't as straightforward as you make it seem.

There are a lot of blowbacks, even in the best companies.

Then they can measure the stats on how this affects whatever they're measuring, or trying to improve.

Eg, does making a Like button 5px wider mean it gets clicked more often?

At least for the content website I work for, this is very much the main motivator behind pretty much any and all changes to the I hijack this to also add that OP's statement of ' Google is constant' is completely wrong?The big decisions in companies are made by people who are so removed from the realities of their decisions that they will square any number of circles to hit their "key metrics." This is how companies who once had a stranglehold on a market fail miserably..Facebook will over the coming general public should understand, you're not the consumer, you're the's not about what makes the website user friendly to make you comfortable, it's about making things as "cool" for you as possible so that you divulge as much information about yourself that is possible on a social media website, and then they sell this info to the customer: the big companies. our consumerist society is about consumerism, go figure.Without erasing any important data, clearing cache fixes issues by deleting temporary files.To clear cache for the Facebook app, follow these steps: Step 1: Open device Settings on your phone and tap on Apps & notifications or App Manager depending on the option present in your device.

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Making more money may be the goal for short-sighted and destructive changes, but it certainly won't be the result.

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