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Xfinity does offer a self-installation kit, but you won’t completely avoid the fees by going that route.

The provider charges a .00 shipping-and-handling fee for the kit.

With a contract, they are good for the term of the agreement, but without a contract they typically last one year.

Unfortunately, when the bill comes in, “awesome” is the last word many customers use to describe it.

There are a lot of hidden costs involved in bringing you all that entertainment, but the only price most customers consider is the advertised package price—unless they happen to read the fine print. To help you avoid any surprises on your upcoming Xfinity bill, we’ll walk you through the hidden fees and explain what each fee is for and why you might see these additional charges. The promotional prices for TV-only packages range from .99 to 4.99 per month for 12 months.

If you want to add TV service to other rooms with Any Room DVR technology, that’s another .95 per month, per TV.

This starts to add up if you have multiple TVs set up with DVRs.

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