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I know her best as Bridget, so the Texas thing doesn’t sound quite right to me at all, I think she needs a dialect coach or something.” Beside Firth and Zellweger, other “Jones” vets who returned for “Baby” include Fielding, who’s credited with the screenplay along with Dan Mazer (“Borat”) and Emma Thompson, who does double duty as Bridget’s eye-rolling co-conspirator of an obstetrician; “Diary” director Sharon Maguire; and the ensemble that played Bridge’s friends and parents in the first two movies.And while Hugh Grant’s cad Daniel Cleaver from the earlier films doesn’t appear in the flesh this time, let’s say that his spirit looms.“I had to do some quick homework on Mark Darcy before we started shooting this because, frankly, I didn’t remember much about him,” admits Firth, who won an Oscar for playing George VI in “The King’s Speech” since his last “Jones” outing.“Some other people probably know the character better than I do, so I watched the old films.

Then she went to University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 1991 with a B. Renee Zellweger worked as a cocktail waitress in Austin, Texas during her junior year because of her poor family condition.“Maybe it’s not enough to be a brilliant lawyer, maybe it’s not enough to live in relative emotional isolation the way he was able to do before.Basically, the questions are different in your 50s than they might be in your 30s.“I’ve just forgotten she comes from Texas,” Firth says of Zellweger, who indeed buffed-up her Brit with a voice expert before the 12-year reunion, and remained in character on- and off-set during “Baby’s’ London production.“When I sit next to her doing press, it always gives me a jolt when I hear her real accent.

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Poor Mark has to defend the latter in an immigration court, and that’s just one of the reasons why Firth plays him as perhaps more uncomfortable than he’s ever been, if you can believe that’s even possible.

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