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For example, from 1917 to 1928, Coke bottles had the patent date of “NOV. From 1928 to 1938, the so called “Christmas Cokes” (due to the Christmas patent date) were produced that possessed this second date. D 105529” (1938-1951), “US PATENT OFFICE/MIN CONTENTS 6 FL OZ” (1951-1958), and “US PATENT OFFICE/ MIN CONTENTS 6 ½ FL OZ” (1958-1965) (Lockhart and Porter 2010;

Recognize that collectors may estimate its value at a higher price than its actual value.A great deal of branding is done through material culture, creating visual cues that trigger people’s memories and make them want to buy your product.Like clothing lines, long-lived brands must change over time to keep up with both their competition and the current fashions and culture, leading to variation in the products of companies.Dating archaeological sites that we discover is one of the most basic tasks that archaeologists perform.While we all must do it, dating archaeological assemblages is not always easy.

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