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To address this problem, I spent the summer of 2018 compiling additional sextortion data. In total, I identified 124 additional alleged perpetrators, and thousands of additional victims.

Sextortion serves an umbrella term that encompassesa spectrum of activities.

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The website design incorporates an easy and fast chatting system that is loved by millions.Some may not realize that they are not alone in their suffering.The first in-depth study of this phenomenon, the Brookings report identified prosecuted cases involving 78 perpetrators and more than 3,000 victims.Since Brookings published the report in May 2016, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Texas, and Utah have all criminalized sextortion.But there is still no such crime as “sextortion” at the federal level—and the federal government still does not keep data on incidents of sextortion. Barbara Boxer wrote a letter to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch inquiring as to how the Department of Justice was collecting data on the subject.

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