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And I like when she stands up for herself further into it, but they still always end back in that situation, discussing it, and I think they’re always truly wondering if their way is right and truly wondering if the other’s is right. Well, obviously Don and Joan don’t have tons together, but when they do they’re sort of these — at least for me — fantastic scenes.So maybe it was good that there were just a few here and there because they were so special that I always loved doing scenes with Jon. I just love his character so much, every time he’s onscreen he cracks me up he’s so funny.And the way Peggy and Joan bounce between hardly being able to tolerate one another to admiring one another and giving each other advice, I always loved that.

The five-time Emmy nominee has put herself in a great position for the future, even if everyone else is still very focused on her present.

I just really loved seeing her year after year becoming a very richly-written character.

When I started playing her in Season 1, I thought, “Oh, what a fun, bitchy, sassy girl I get to play! So I guess I just enjoyed watching her go through very real and human things and learn from them and grow from them and become a much wiser character and woman by the end. I was a beginner accordion player and Matt called and said, “Do you speak French and do you play the piano?

Indiewire sat down with Hendricks (and a gaggle of other reporters) to get the scoop on her final season as Joan, what’s been her favorite part of playing an early-era feminist and, of course, those clothes.

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