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  1. If you're more of a "cute sushi place with twinkle lights in the windows" gal, he totally knows that and you will not end up at "dark sports bar with lots of screaming." Bless his heart. You're basically already on your six-month mark by the time you have your first date.

  2. (tenzij iemand nu denk ha-ha-toch-maar-geen-abo en we weer op 99 komen) MAAR ALSNOG. ^^ oelang ik ook naar het tikken van Malfoys vingers had kunnen kijken, Mc Gonagall was klaar met de ceremonie en verkondigde iets wat belangwekkender was. Ik dacht al, zelfs voor iemand met jouw IQ is dat Derrick lachte onbekommerd. Nu ik erover nadacht, keek hij inderdaad ook niet zo snugger.

  3. Some dating sims even go as far as avoiding a common-route affection rating approach entirely, like that found in Hatoful Boyfriend, by prompting the explicit choice of what character you want to pursue during the beginning of the game.