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Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Having Wonderful Time - "A Comedy" by Arthur Kober. Shubert Theatre (NYC - 1939) starring Katharine Hepburn, Van Heflin, Shirley Booth, Hayden Rorke, Joseph Cotton, etc. 1941 Man Who Came to Dinner, The - "A New Comedy" by Moss Hart and George S. 1941 Let's Face It - "A New Musical Comedy" by Herbert and Dorothy Fields and music and lyrics by Cole Porter. Choreographed by Marjery Fielding with music and lyrics by Marjery Fielding and Charles Barnes..

Produced by Marc Connelly at the Lyceum Theatre (NYC - 1937) starring Jules Garfield (John Garfield), Sidney Fox, Cornel Wilde, Richard Irving, Herbert Vigran (Herb Vigran), Sandra Gould, Mitchell Grayson, Wolfe Barzell, Philip Van Zandt, etc. 1937 Philadelphia Story, The - "A New Comedy" by Philip Barry. Produced by Vinton Freedley at the Imperial Theatre (NYC - 1941) starring Danny Kaye, Eve Arden, Benny Baker, Mary Jane Walsh, Edith Meiser, Vivian Vance, Billy Daniel, Nanette Fabray, etc. Produced by Carly Wharton and Martin Gabel at the Cort Theatre (NYC - 1942) starring Sam Jaffe, Morris Carnovsky, Jay Adler, Whitner Bissell, Eduard Franz, Sam Wanamaker, etc. 1942 Blithe Spirit - "An Improbable Farce" by Noel Coward. Wilson at the Morosco Theatre (NCY - 1942) starring Clifton Webb, Peggy Wood, Leonora Corbett, Mildred Natwick, Philip Tonge, etc. 1942 Guest in the House - "A New Play" by Hagar Wilde and Dale Eunson (from a story by Katherine Albert).

Produced by Wiman and Rodgers (in association Richard Kollmer) at the Sam S.

Shubert Theatre (NYC- 1942) starring Ray Bolger, Constance Moore, Ronald Graham, Benay Venuta, Vera-Ellen, etc. Produced by John Golden at the Royale Theatre (NYC - 1943) starring Paul Muni, Ann Thomas, William Vaughan, Clara Langsner, etc. 1943 What's Up - "A New Musical" by Alan Jay Lerner and Arthur Pierson with music by Frederick Loewe and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Songs include: "You've Got a Hold on Me," "A Girl is Like a Book," "How Fly Times," "You Wash and I'll Dry," etc..

Edith worked for many years as a reporter, editor, and advertising copywriter in New Jersey and New York, but in many ways this love of words, of writing, and of story showed itself most in her great and abiding love of theatre.

Produced by Herman Shumlin at the Fulton Theatre (NYC - 1944) starring Cornelia Otis Skinner, Dennis King, Dudley Digges, Barbara O' Neill, Montgomery Clift, etc. 1944 Follow the Girls - "A New Musical Comedy" by Guy Bolton and Eddie Davis (with additional dialogue by Fred Thompson) with lyrics and music by Dan Shapiro, Milton Pascal and Phil Charig.Jardin des Plantes was first established as a royal garden of medicinal plants and wasn’t open to the general public until 1650.It was designed and planted by Guy de La Brosse, the physician of Louis XIII. Fagon chose some of the finest botanists of the era to assist with the administration of the gardens, and during that time, the Jardin des Plantes grew immensely.Songs include: "Down Through the Agents," "Free, Cute and Size Fourteen," "Let's Comb Beaches," "America loves a Band," "The Afternoon of a Phoney," "The Four Freedoms - Calypso," etc.. Produced by Shepard Traube (in association with Alexander H. 1942 By Jupiter - "Rodgers and Hart's New Musical Comedy" (Based on Julian F.Cohen) at the John Golden Theatre (NCY - 1942) starring Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Elizabeth Eustis, Florence Edney and Leo G. Thompson's "The Warrior's Husband") by Rodgers and Hart with music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart.

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Concerts and other theatrical events are also included (THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW, DANNY LARUE AT THE PALACE, BOB AND RAY: THE TWO AND ONLY, BURT BACHARACH IN CONCERT, THE JOFFREY BALLET, LANA TURNER: A TRIBUTE TO A LEGENDARY LADY, A PARTY WITH BETTY COMDEN AND ADOLPH GREEN, THE ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE, etc.), as is the early directing and writing career (ORACLES, WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, THE THREE SISTERS, etc.) of screenwriter Andy Wolk (son of Edith K. For additional theatrical Playbill and program information, the researcher may also be interested in these University of Florida Department of Special and Area Studies collection finding guides: THE BELKNAP PLAYBILL AND PROGRAM COLLECTIONTHE LILLIAN SCHNEIDER BARTELL PLAYBILL COLLECTION[Identification of item], Edith K. Wolk Playbill Collection arrived in 34 custom-made PLAYBILL collecting binders. Harris at the Music Box Theatre (NYC - 1940) starring Monty Woolley, Edith Atwater, Dudley Clements, Lawrence Tibbett, Jr., David Burns, Mary Wickes, etc. 1940 Big Story, The - Book by Lee Falk and Alan Cranston. Harris at the Lyceum Theatre (NYC - 1941) starring Ernest Truex, Jean Dixon, Dudley Digges, Sidney Lumet, Joseph Sweeney, etc. Directed by George Abbott and choreographed by Robert Alton. at the Maplewood Theatre (Maplewood, NJ - 1941) staring Helen Hayes, Maurice Evans, June Walker, Mark Smith, Sophie Stewart, Donald Burr, etc.

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