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In August 2014, Joe Chen on micro-blog, a love of sentiment, seemed to radiate love girls worry about personal gains and losses: "fall in love with a person, is more than a little afraid of his.

If he was afraid of him hard, afraid of their own lack of caring, if any one missed call, if he think too much, if he doesn't think too much, afraid to pick up the phone when suddenly thought of "finished, forgot to report... Love you will be afraid of you, if one day he (she) is not afraid, afraid to see you afraid." People can not help but fall into a reverie.

At a Le Saunda footwear event in Shenzhen on Saturday, March 23, Louis was pressed by reporters to comment on the dating rumors.

Louis seemed prepared for the questions and responded calmly. I have always been low-profile regarding my love life. ”In the past, Louis would usually deflect a rumor by stating, “It is not the truth.” Since he did not give his usual response, fans are speculating that there may be some truth to Louis and Joe’s rumored relationship.

2014 December last year, Sandra Ng "Kangxi" when outspoken, said Michelle Chen was introduced to Louis Koo, this broke the news also makes Joe Chen jealous, first with Louis Koo playing the part company each going his own way after the cold war.By using the Jayne Stars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.Late in the evening of September 13th, He Jiong drying out a photo with Joe Chen, and wrote: "about a good Mid Autumn Festival this year with us?Would you please eat moon cakes I and Joe Chen, you say what you want some?" Then Joe Chen also forwarded the micro-blog and ridicule: "thank you for your teacher ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

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Joe Chen Louis Koo love from the beginning of the cold war.

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