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Don’t leave without seeing the Fewnwick Treasure, a hoard of Roman jewellery found under a department store on Colchester High Street, or the panoramic view from the roof of the keep.

Gravel Garden, extensive Nursery and Tearoom all free to gain access. After visiting many years ago , finally persuaded my hubby to visit today , many changes and improvements have been made since last time I came , staff were friendly and helpful , tea room very good, and gardens are amazing as always , hubby...You can trace the entire wall, even the missing stretches, on a two mile path, but maybe the best part is along the Balkerne Hill to the west.There you’ll pass the Balkerne Gate, which is Britain’s oldest and most intact Roman gate.It was built over the foundations of the Roman Temple of Claudius, and the sizeable vaults from this building can be explored on a guided tour.The first-class Castle Museum combines stunning exhibits from excavations like mosaics, the Roman Colchester Vase and the Colchester Mercury statuette, with experiences that will keep children fascinated, like excavating a Roman grave building a Norman arch and steering a chariot at Colchester’s newly discovered circus.

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This once majestic entrance to the city on the road from London (Londinium) had four portals, with unusually broad carriageways.

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