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Scholars of Yoruba studies do not often ask: “Why did states or kingdoms develop in some parts of Yorubaland, but not in others?” The question is whether complex societies are possible without a central leader.The nails have been variously interpreted as a diary of events in the life or Oranmiyan or as a record of festivals.After the death of Oranmiyan, it became customary that before Yoruba warriors went to any war, they were duty bound to first make sacrifices to the Oranmiyan staff: this was to enable them win such wars.From atop the demarcation, there are three steps to walk down and get to the staff. Walking further behind the staff will lead to the inner sanctum said to be for only the initiates.The Oranmiyan obelisk is hundreds of years old and has history behind.

It is a 5.18m stone column (an about 4-feet square at the base), which is believed to have been the walking stick of Oranmiyan.IN Ile Ife, one object of attraction is Opa Oranmiyan (Oranmiyan staff).Oranmiyan the third Ooni of Ife was the youngest of Oduduwa’s sons, the father of Yoruba nation.On one side of the column are several spike nails driven into it and some carvings of ancient characters.The nails are ranged in an orderly manner and render them significantly conspicuous.

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