Can college students dating professors

My graduate degree was completed at a large university in a college town, and I made occasional use of dating apps during my time there.

They were only mildly useful at best, but they facilitated interaction with people outside my normal social circle, which I enjoyed.

And if you want to date students too, personally I don't see a problem either (especially considering your age) as long as they are not students and you otherwise behave ethically and responsibly. Given your stated age preference this is not very relevant to your question since students in that age range would typically be graduate students, but it's worth at least checking the policy at your institution to make sure you are aware of the rules.) students is usually a bad idea; but whoever is not likely to be taking one of your courses should be just fine.

Avoiding everyone in your university - which may be up to a third of the eligible population in town in terms of age - does not make sense IMO.

They didn’t pull any tricks, or engage in clandestine practices.

Skim the headlines: Teacher busted for kiddie porn. The couples I know didn’t date until well afterward.

One guy even created a fake account to give himself one. Pop culture and entertainment still celebrate the sexy teacher.

His opening line was, “The thing is, I find you incredibly attractive.

So do students, doctors, engineers, lawyers, dental hygienists, and any other kind of person.

In other words, there is nothing about being a professor that disqualifies one from using dating apps (or that makes one a special kind of human being in any other way, contrary to what seems to be the popular belief on this site at least).

(For what it's worth, I am not interested in meeting people more than three or four years younger than me anyway.) I'm looking for advice that goes beyond some of the more obvious points.

Professors both young and old are known to use dating apps.

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