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The National Museum of Myanmar, meanwhile, looks at the country’s history and evolution as a whole with one of the largest collections of artefacts and relics relating to the development of civilisation, art and culture.

Walk through time and see how Burma grew into the country it is today.

It is truly beautiful and captivating and you might just surprise yourself with how long you stay, peering into the seemingly endless temples, shrines and more that encircle the gilded stupa.

It’s the crazy, chaotic side to Yangon that quietens down very quickly from 10PM onwards, and is home to some real gems for eating, sleeping and shopping.

a shop, market, stall, and stand for every budget in Yangon, but you’d be hard-pressed to find two better places to purchase your souvenirs than the social enterprise of Pomelo and the retro treasure trove of Yangoods.

It’s also a fabulous people-watching spot — from tourists and worshippers to monks and wedding parties making their way around; and not to mention it’s truly magnificent at both sunrise and sunset.

Two places worth your time if you want to try and get your head around Burma’s complex history are the Bogyoke Aung San Museum and the National Museum of Myanmar.

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