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"This is the third time you have played this sit-down game on me!“Must we put on Tzitzit with the blue thread on such a garment...

Take a workshop in Brooklyn or eat your way through a food festival in Queens.

For Women Only July 2nd, 8pm @ Derech Etz Ha Chaim See More Events Happening in the Community here: https://bukhariancommunity.com/events/ Unlocking Greatness with Mr. #weeklyparsha #shabbat #lessonoftheweek #parsha A Spy Mission Turns Sour "What a beautiful mansion! #weeklyparsha #shabbat #lessonoftheweek #parsha In this week's parsha Moshe reaches his lowest ebb. After all that had happened - the miracles, the exodus, the division of the sea, food from heaven, water from a rock, the revelation at Sinai and the covenant that went with it - the people, yet again, were complaining about the The Power of Women - A women's only event Featuring: Amit Yaghoubi, Sara Mishaely, Diana Dil June 24th @Derech Etz Chaim at 8pm See more events for June in link below - https://bukhariancommunity.com/events/ Carnival @ YCQ !! In ancient written sources Samarkand is famous as a center of concentration of scientific thought and culture. with Rabbi Fingerer, June 18th @ BJX #relationships #marriage #networking Series for 20’s and 30’s Young Jewish Professionals June 18th, 8pm @ BJX Craving gefilte fish and sushi? “Why would such a good-looking boy take the vows of a Nazerite which entails shaving off all the hair?

Charlie Harary A Young Porfessionals Networking Event July 1st, pm @ Young Israel of Jamaica Estates See More Events Happening Here: https://bukhariancommunity.com/events/ Get caught up on the Parsha with us. " thought Berel as he admired the homes in this ritzy Paris suburb. " Assuming t Join Bukharian Jewish Union in welcoming summer at The Empire Rooftop. June 23rd, 12pm -3pm Children’s Jewish Cultural Carnival at Yeshiva of Central Queens June 23rd, 12pm – 3pm will include: Inflatable Bounces Rides Games Prizes Balloon Animals DJ/ Music Cotton Candy Snow Cones And More! #culture #bukharian #history The introductory article of the same name book by Markiel Fazylov See Below for Russian Samarkand… In ancient written sources Samarkand is famous as a center of concentration of scientific thought and culture. A new kosher restaurant combines them in a roll – Rabbi Kaziev #sushi #gefiltefish #jewishfood Sushi Kingdom & Asian Fusion may look like a typical kosher Japanese joint, but in addition to classic dishes such as salmon avocado and spicy tuna, the menu offers rolls stuffed and topped with traditional Jewish food. ” The High Priest, “Shimon the Righteous” was perplexed. June 26th AIPAC Queens is hosting Innovation Nation at Congregation Machane Chodosh at pm. https://bukhariancommunity.com/event/aipac-queens-innovation-nation/ DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Children Rescued From Jerusalem Apartment Fire, No Injuries Reported.

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