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At the museum, every single item has been painstakingly labelled and preserved for the public to learn from.Some of his personal clothes hang on the wall as they would have if he were alive while others are folded neatly in a wooden wardrobe.Beside the buses is the engine of an aircraft used to create heavy winds and rain in one of Ogunde’s movies.“He put a lot effort into his work because he loved theater”, the curator explains.There are countless albums and magazines with dates as far back as the ’60s.

TVP Adventures: Our tour group with the Hubert Ogunde’s Travelling Buses.The drive from Abeokuta to Ososa was smooth and straightforward.During the one-hour drive, we chatted about some of everything with our chatter interrupted only by the verbal directions from Google Maps.The Fascinating True Story of a Man, His Seventeen Wives and the Beginning of Nollywood.‘Funmi Oyatogun Nov 21, 2017 “This is a fascinating story”, I thought — a man with seventeen wives and many children, who traveled around the country acting plays and creating films. ” In a whisper, he promised to tell me when I arrived at the museum.

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