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10) Beautiful Black women are CONFIDENT, no matter who tries to tear us down, Black women don’t ever stay down. No matter what challenges stand in our way, Black women fight to find a way past it. Black women put great value in our fashions and appearance making sure we achieve the look that best represents how we feel inside. No matter what we’ve been through with Black men, Black women cannot help but love the fathers, brothers, sons, and male partners in our lives.Black women honor them and place them with such high regard– until they ruin it of course– and still, Black women love them unconditionally.Beautiful Black women have been inventively changing the game for years and years.Black women are creative thinkers who never allow anything to stand in the way of our success.Black women don’t give up in the face of adversity and approach life fearlessly, no matter how much we’ve been threatened and devalued. Beautiful Black women are proud of who we are, uniquely and wonderfully made.

19) Beautiful Black women are OPEN-MINDED and aren’t biased toward other races of shows, music, movies, books, people, etc.Black women respect ourselves and our people and will always stand up for our cultural rights.Black women love ourselves no matter what Black women were conditioned to think and feel about being Black.To be honest, Beautiful Black women have been through a lot, and have built so much strength over the years.Beautiful Black women have been beaten and abused by men of our race and other races, Beautiful Black women have had our identities stolen, and our pride stripped.

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