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Thousands of young American men received their first taste of military life here and sampled the generous hospitality of the townspeople.

Renamed Fort Custer, the base was reactivated during World War II.

In the last years of the nineteenth century, the town became a Spiritualist center, where séances and "table knocking" were common, if inexplicable, phenomena.

Sojourner Truth, nationally known as the charismatic speaker for abolition and women's rights, visited Battle Creek in 1856.

Most of the small cereal companies disappeared by 1910, but Battle Creek remained the cereal capital of the world as Kellogg, Ralston and Post products became staples on the breakfast tables around the world.

During World War I Battle Creek was the 2nd home to the "dough boys" who passed through the Army training center at Camp Custer.

Named for a skirmish between a government land surveyor and two Indians which took place seven miles away and almost 175 years ago, Battle Creek is proud of its rich and varied past.

Known in different eras of its history as the Queen City, Health City and the International City, today Battle Creek is Cereal City, the "best known city of its size in the country." The village of Battle Creek began as a market and mill center for prairie farmers.

With the coming of the railroad, the fast-growing local industries found national markets.In 1855, a small group of Seventh-day Adventists invited visionary Ellen White, and her husband, Elder James White, to settle here and make the village the headquarters for their new denomination.In the next 50 years, the small band of believers grew to over 200,000 members world-wide.Kellogg incorporated radical dietary reforms into the San's treatment program.He advocated a lighter, vegetarian diet with no artificial stimulants as a cure for the prevalent 'dyspepsia,' or chronic indigestion.

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