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It really seems like, my whole life, Katara's been the one looking out for me.

She's always been the one that's there, and now, when I try to remember my mom, Katara's is the only face I can picture." The death of Sokka's mother, Kya, in a Fire Nation raid was the primary fuel for Sokka's deep grudge against the Fire Nation forces.

However, because of the history they shared and the struggles they had to overcome as children when their mother died and their father went off to fight in the Hundred Year War, the two identified with each other and were very close. When her hands were accidentally burned by Aang, he yelled at him and knocked him down,"I never told anyone this before, but honestly, I'm not sure I can remember what my mother looked like.Sokka felt obligated to protect his younger sister as urged by his father before his departure to the Earth Kingdom.Sokka took this task very seriously and became somewhat overprotective at times.Though his anger had faded somewhat, her loss remained a very sore point.Sokka even admitted that despite the fact his caring, loving mother was important to him, he could not remember her face very well due to the fact that she died when he was at a young age.

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However, when Sokka tried to set a date between them, Kaya became upset and left the scene.

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