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I studied specific relationship methodologies including The Demartini Method, The Gottman Institute, Dr.

Mark W Muesse, Debbie Ford, and Mastery for Coaches, to name a few and I was trained at The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

So then the question became, what was causing this and how do I attract in a higher caliber man?

I sought out one of the best love coaches in the US, Kavita J. As I worked with Kavita, she noticed that as my understanding grew, I started naturally coaching everyone I knew.

That’s why every Ten-Plus coaching program comes with a unique planning session at the beginning, during which we’ll build a customized together with you. Did my friends in long-term relationships have something I didn’t?The problem was what I had already learned about love.Now I’m dedicated to helping others who feel just as lost and lonely as I used to feel. We aren’t trained on how to truly be understood and be understanding.There is no mandatory curriculum on how to live a life of true fulfillment. I am dedicated to assisting you, whether you’re single or in a relationship, through your journey to love.

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Meeting and relating in the 21st century is more complex–and more potentially frustrating–than ever before. Finally finding the love of your life doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be very real challenges along the way.

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  1. Yet, the idea that happiness will be achieved when we find the right person is statistically unrealistic as evidenced by the divorce rate, not only in the world, but in the church. This week we offer lesson one in this study, and we invite you to participate with us.